Helpful Infomation for JR Travel

Indications of station names

All JR stations display station names in both Japanese and Roman letters in their platforms. A given station's name in the top center of the signboard, in large letters; the names of the previous station and next staion are at the bottom of the signboard, in smalller letters.

JR stations dieplay

Public telephone inside trains

Shinkansen and some limited express trains are equipped with public telephone,which allow use of a“Telephone Card.”Telephone card can be purchased aboard trains or at a station kiosk.

Useful words

Reservation = Yoyaku
Travel Service Center = Ryoko Center
Reservation office = Midori-no-madoguchi
Super express = Shinkansen
Limited express = Tokkyu
Express = Kyuko
Rapid train = Kaisoku
Local train = Kakuekiteisha
Ordinary car = Futsusha
Green car (superior accommodations) = Green-sha
Reserved seat = Shiteiseki
Non-reserved seat = Jiyuseki


Traditional checkrooms have almost disappeared throughout the country. Instead, coin-operated lockers (called "coin-locker" in Japanese) are popular in major stations. To travel light, prepare hundred-yen coins.

JR East Infoline

JR provides a convenient telephone infromation service in English, Korean and Chinese for quick and complete JR information about train time schedules, the faster JR route from place to place, locations of reservation offices, and so forth.

Tel: 050-2016-1603
10am - 6pm (except during the year-end/new year holiday period)
Seat reservations cannot be accepted by this telephone service.

Sales at stations and in trains

Mobile vendors on Shinkansen and other long-distance trains sell "Ekiben" box lunches (these contain local specialty Japanese-style foods), as well as snacks and drinks. These items are also readily available at station kiosks, and many stations also have a variety of restaurants as well as many vending machines.

JR kiosk

Avoid rush hours in the morning and evening

In major cities, avoid traveling during the morning and evening rush hours(7:30-9:30and17:00-20:00)